Nice Donation To Walk The Talk America

Walk the Talk America or WTTA is an initiative from within the firearms industry to assist in suicide prevention along with mental health issues. Founded in 2018 by Michael Sodini, who was then with Bersa and Eagle Imports, WTTA seeks to find innovative ways to bring the industry and the mental health community together with the shared objective of decreasing suicides and increasing treatment.

This past week they received a $20,000 donation from Chattanooga Shooting Supplies, Inc. CSSI is now a Silver Sponsor of WTTA.

From the press release:

“Mental illness and suicide affect many individuals and families throughout the country, and that includes within the firearms and 2A community. We at CSSI want to play an active role in helping to find meaningful solutions to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental health within the gun community. We are honored to support WTTA’s mission,” commented Ron Staffieri, CEO of CSSI.

“We are humbled by CSSI’s generous donation and support and proudly welcome them as our newest Silver Sponsor,” Michael Sodini, WTTA founder, said. “With every donation, we can provide more tools and resources to individuals, companies, and retailers. Our goal is to bring together not only the firearms industry and mental health resources but to make them available to all firearms owners. Donations like this from CSSI help to support our mission and we couldn’t do what we do without companies like CSSI.”

Michael Sodini has been a guest in the past on the Polite Society Podcast to talk about the work of WTTA. The firearms community as a whole has done a lot on suicide prevention. I wish I could really say the same about the gun prohibition industry. While they designate days as “firearm suicide prevention day“, they don’t provide resources beyond saying “lock it up” and pushing safe storage laws. Contrast that with WTTA’s resources which include classes, instructor slideshows, flyers for dealers, and links to even more resources.

2 thoughts on “Nice Donation To Walk The Talk America”

  1. WTTA sounds like an excellent organization.

    It has to be said that red flag laws can contribute to suicides. If someone knows that if they go to some professional for help, to prevent a suicide, that they will be disarmed, that would incentivize them to not go for help.

    I have no direct experience with friends or family committing suicide, but I can imagine a tendency for someone (especially guys) to resist help, saying “I’ll be OK” – until they’re not.

    1. I agree about WTTA and red flag laws.

      Sarah Albrecht of Hold My Guns has an alternative whereby a person can voluntarily store their firearms with a FFL during a mental health crisis and then get them back later. Note I said “voluntarily”. It is self-help without government or legal intervention. I met Sarah in person at this year’s SHOT Show. Here is an interview she did with John Crump a few years ago.

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