Frank Tait To Be On NRA Board

Dave Butz, longtime NRA Board member, passed away earlier today. He played on two Super Bowl champion football teams for the Washington Redskins. He was 72.

As a result of Butz’s passing, Frank Tait will now serve on the NRA Board of Directors until the next NRA Annual Meeting. Frank was notified this afternoon by NRA Secretary John Frazer of Mr. Butz’s passing and his ascension to the board. Under the bylaws, vacancies on the board are filled by the next highest candidate not elected. Frank was the last remaining candidate not elected to the board.

So what does this mean for NRA members. By himself Frank will not be able to do much given the size of the board. However, he will have access by law to the books and records of the NRA. Even if Judge Cohen in the New York AG’s suit would not allow him intervenor status, he would be obligated to force the powers that be at the NRA to grant Frank access to this information.

I assume that the Friends of Wayne will give Frank the same cold shoulder that they have given Judge Phil Journey. Their petulance is actually rather pathetic as they would rather stay in the good graces of a hireling than those of the members.

I wish Frank the best in this position and hope that some good can come from it.

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