NRA Wants Jury Trial In NYC

Initially, it was only the New York Office of Attorney General that was asking for a jury trial in the lawsuit against the NRA and the four defendants. However, that was a demand for jury trial on only some issues. Even though it was only on some issues, finding a jury in Manhattan that would sympathetic to a case against the NRA shouldn’t be too hard.

Today, the blog NRA In Danger reports that in response the NRA along with Wayne LaPierre and John Frazer have demanded a jury trial on all issues.

From the Demand for Trial by Jury filed by Svetlana Eisenberg on behalf of the NRA:

Therefore, the National Rifle Association of America (the “NRA”) hereby demands a trial by jury of all issues triable of right by a jury, including, but not limited to, issues of fact related to each element of (i) Plaintiff’s claims; and (ii) the NRA’s defenses. The NRA asserts this demand pursuant to, inter alia, (i) Section 2 of Article I of the Constitution of the State of New York; (ii) Section 18 of Article VI of the Constitution of the State of New York; (iii) Section 112(b)(1) of Not-For-Profit Corporation Law; and (iv) article 41 of Civil Practice Law and Rules (the “CPLR”) (including Sections 4101 and 4102 of the CPLR).


I have to agree 100% with NRA In Danger when they wrote:

This is insanity, we can find no other word for it, and our attorney friends agree. The judge seems actually to be impartial and concerned with doing the right thing. Why would NRA and LaPierre demand to be tried instead by a Manhattan jury? If we searched, could we find a worse group to try NRA?

I can think of no rationale reason for the NRA to demand a jury trial. The only person who benefits is Bill Brewer as he runs up the billings. Did the NRA Board of Directors even have any input into this? Or is it still the Special Litigation Committee making the decisions?

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