Shannon Watts Retiring From Demanding Mommies

Shannon Watts, who founded Moms Demand Action as a way to reinvigorate her PR career, is now stepping down as the leader.

According to an exclusive story in the Washington Post – written by a reporter for whose book Watts gave a endorsement blurb – she used her AD/HD disorder to “hyperfocus for many hours straight, a skill she’s harnessed hundreds of times to live-tweet details and context after shootings.”

Context after shootings? Is this a new term for dancing in the blood of the victims?

The story also stated her security guard was “unarmed” and that his job was to know where the nearest hospital was if she got attacked. I’m sorry but that is Grade A bullshit.

Having watched Watts over the years as she moved from Indiana to Colorado to California, all I can surmise is that she is either going to run for office herself or has found another billionaire for her next self-aggrandizing project. I just cannot see her giving up the limelight to retire to a quiet life.

I built a dossier on Watts over the years using publicly available information. Most of it was just general information such as the value of her various mansions, wedding pictures, etc. I did find interesting her hypocrisy on campus carry given that her older daughter Abby started college at Colorado State University where campus carry was legal.

So as Shannon supposedly rides off into the sunset, I dedicate this 1969 hit single to her. I would just change the “him” in the lyrics to “her”.

One thought on “Shannon Watts Retiring From Demanding Mommies”

  1. “The story also stated her security guard was “unarmed” …. I’m sorry but that is Grade A bullshit.”

    Given that Weer’d, Adam, Gail, and I saw her bodyguards, complete with suspiciously bulged suit coats at their protest at NRAAM Atlanta, I think “Grade A Bullshit” is an understatement.

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