SHOT Show Day 1 – Instagram Picture Of The Day

I don’t know who 1776 Duck is on Instagram but he is a devout follower of the prophet John Moses Browning.

It is obvious from reading the comments that The Way, The Truth, and The Life for him resides in steel and not polymer.

2 thoughts on “SHOT Show Day 1 – Instagram Picture Of The Day”

  1. If not a 1911, then a Hi Power or other metal frame pistol. I have 1 polymer pistol, an M&P. Everything else is steel or alloy.

  2. I have to say, I grew up with the requisite toy gun shooting rubber tipped bolts. And it did not look like some Germanic gun, but it was a copy of an all American 1911. Is that enough of an endorsement?
    Seriously, I did have a 1911, and I shot it the best of any other handgun that I have ever owned. Alas, I could not afford to stock more than one caliber of ammo, and decided to default to 9mm as my caliber of choice.
    I currently have a polymer wonder9 and a S&W 3913. I am considering getting a 1911 in 9mm as my carry gun, as they are getting not only reliable, but very reasonable priced.

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