Congratulations To Paul Erhardt And The Outdoor Wires

Paul Erhardt starts today as the Managing Editor of the Outdoor Wire Digital Network. This is the network of newsletters that Jim Shepherd founded which includes, among others, the Shooting Wire, the Tactical Wire, and the Outdoor Wire. Paul had called me on Wednesday to give me a head’s up but I waited until it was officially announced to offer my public congratulations.

Jim Shepherd had this to say regarding the move:

Speaking of business, a bit of internal business to announce. I’m pleased to tell you we’re expanding our crew. Over the years you’ve read features from Paul Erhardt. You’ll be reading more of them going forward, because Paul’s joining the Outdoor Wire Digital Network as our Managing Editor. It’s a new position for us -and him – but reflects our commitment to continue our growth and maturing as a business.

We’re making other changes going forward this year, all part of keeping our twenty-year plus promise to you.

We’ll keep you posted.

This is a great move for Paul and a great move for the Outdoor Wire Digital Network. For OWDN, they are getting a seasoned professional who has served as marketing director for companies such as Apex Tactical and Sig Sauer as well as Director of Public Relations for NSSF. They are also getting someone who will take a lot of the day to day work load off of Jim Shepherd. For Paul, he is returning to the writing and editing that he loves as well as the opportunity for future advancement. I have no doubt that this is a win-win move for all involved.

Again, I want to offer my hearty congratulations to Paul, Jim, and the Outdoor Wire Digital Network.

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