The Gloves Have Come Off

It is time to break out the popcorn because this is getting good.

First, the powers that be at the NRA (Brewer, Old Guard, Friends of Wayne, fill in the blank) pushed a bylaw change to allow Charles Cotton to serve a third term as President. This has only been done in the past to allow Charlton Heston to serve more than two terms.

Then, the Nominations Committee did not re-nominate Willes Lee to his position as First Vice President and replaced him with former Congressman Bob Barr. This was done while retaining David Coy in his position as Second VP. According to Lee, he only found out about the Nominations Committee’s move when the agenda was slid under his hotel door the evening before the Board meeting.

There could be many reasons Lee was pushed out but one of the leading ones is that he had resigned his position on the Special Litigation Committee. We don’t know whether this resignation was done because he disagreed with one of Bill Brewer’s legal stratagems or something else. Either way, his loyalty to Wayne and Brewer was deemed suspect and he had to go.

It is fairly well known that I’m not a fan of Willes Lee. While I had supported him in the past, when I was deemed a “hater” by him for disagreeing with the direction that Wayne and his cronies were taking the NRA that was beyond the pale.

I can’t say that I didn’t feel a little bit of schadenfreude when I saw the Twitter post below. I also think that the powers that be may have just created an implacable enemy who knows more than they would like known. This is going to continue to get more and more interesting as time goes on.

5 thoughts on “The Gloves Have Come Off”

  1. Willis Lee has no honor!

    There is so much more I want to say but it’s not worth my time.

  2. John: I think it ironic that Willes Lee has suddenly seen the blinding light of corruption that exists with NRA Officers and Senior Management only now because he has been summarily dismissed. When I was on the board and Willes was 1st Vice President, he stood shoulder to shoulder and supported the same people that have now thrown him under the bus. Willes was silent as Charles Cotton lied directly to the Board about the bankruptcy filing and more importantly the vast corruption that existed with senior management. Willes should have informed the Board about any actions taken by Wayne, Charles Cotton, or Brewer that was illegal and clearly in violation of all the NRA bylaws. Willes was silent then and is still silent to this day. Willws resigned from the Special Litigation Committee because of some action or plan that was totally unacceptable, unethical, illegal, or once again in violation of the NRA bylaws. If Willes truly would like redemption from his past complicit participation in the ongoing corruption, then now would be a great opportunity to inform the Board which he has failed to do so to date. Rocky Marshall

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head. Redemption will come from when he comes clean to the Board and the court.

    2. Although out terms didn’t cross Rocky Marshall, you nailed it.

      When Maloney, Schneider & I spoke up and asked questions in 2019 we were promptly ignored. Lee Included. His comments elsewhere also admit that he lied in the past and he decide he wouldn’t do it anymore. It was never okay to lie.

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