A Previously Unknown Source Of Firearm Expertise

There are many ways to gain expertise in firearms. You can attend a training class, you can read books or magazines on firearms, you can watch a video, you can study manuals, and the list could go on. However, I stumbled across a new and previously unknown source for gaining expertise in firearms.

Porn flicks.

Specifically those from the 1980s and early 1990s or what is sometimes called “the Golden Age of Porn“.

Say what?

I came across a tweet by former porn legend Hyapatia Lee who explained what was a “weapon of war” to some guy on the Internet.

Lee, who was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame, gained her firearms expertise while starring in such firearm-specific movies as “Sweet Young Foxes”, “Ribald Tales of Canterbury”, and “Centerfold”. Well they must have contained some firearms content or where else could Ms. Lee have gained her expertise in order to define a “weapon of war”.

Of course, all of this makes about as much sense as her explanation of what constitutes a weapon of war.

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  1. I kinda want to ask how you recognized her. But then I thought WE were all Young once. 😂

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