2024 NRA Board Nominations

I received a copy of the NRA Nominating Committee’s list of official nominations for the 2024 Board of Directors election this evening. I cannot say I’m surprised by who is nominated.

There are 28 people nominated for the Board of Directors. Out of these 28 nominees, there are only three who would be new to the Board while the remaining 25 are current directors. Moreover, to illustrate how it is the same people nominated year after year, 23 out of the 25 were also nominated three years ago in 2021. Charles Beers and Rick Ector, current board members, were both first elected in 2023.

The three new nominees are Craig Haggard of Indiana, Susannah Warner Kipke of Maryland, and Gina Roberts of California New Mexico.

Haggard is a Representative in the Indiana House of Representatives representing District 57. According to his official biography, he is a commercial broker, was the NRA field representative for Indiana for six years, and was an aviator in both the Marines and Indiana Air National Guard.

Kipke is the name plaintiff along with the Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association in the NRA-sponsored lawsuit challenging the post-Bruen restrictions that the Maryland enacted on carry outside the home. She is the wife of Delegate Nic Kipke who represents Anne Arundel County in the Maryland House of Delegates. In addition, she is the owner of Mrs. Kipke’s Secure Gun Storage in Millersville, MD. LinkedIn has her as the senior regional director for Hillsdale College which I assume is a fundraising position.

Roberts has been the California State Director for the DC Project. Unlike the other two candidates, I have met Gina numerous times at the SHOT Show, NRA Annual Meeting, and GRPC. I do know she has been active with the San Diego County Gun Owners. According to her Facebook posts, she is newly employed with Spaceport America, Virgin Galactic’s Gateway to Space, in New Mexico.

Below is the complete list of nominations from the NRA Nominating Committee.


3 thoughts on “2024 NRA Board Nominations”

  1. Susannah it seems is trying appear as the little outsider who is getting NRA’s help and wants to help it. She’s actually the daughter of a former NRA attorney Jim Warner and a former employee herself.

    1. That is quite interesting. Thanks for pointing it out. I thought she was nominated as a “thank you” for being the lead plaintiff in the Maryland lawsuit on carry restrictions plus being married to a State Delegate.

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