Gun Meme Of The Day

I saw this today on Reddit.

To me that would be an unforgiveable sin to just toss away a piece of history for a few pieces of silver. If I were that dad, this “kid” would be disinherited as he was not responsible enough to value something he had already inherited.

3 thoughts on “Gun Meme Of The Day”

  1. Uhhh. . .wouldn’t the grandfather have had to “liberate” that rifle? Seems to me it was still U.S. Government property!

    1. Now it could have been a rifle Grandpa liberated from a German that he brought back in his duffel bag. Or it could have been a Japanese Arisaka like my Uncle John who was in the Navy brought back from the Pacific. I’m guessing my uncle either bought it off a Marine or just saw a pile of them in a stack in Tokyo after the Japanese surrender.

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