Liberty Doll On Dorr Brothers’ Scamming

YouTuber Liberty Doll has a good fisking up on the scams run by the Dorr Brothers. While much of it deals with the so-called gun rights group Indiana Firearms Coalition, it just as well could apply here in North Carolina. That is because the Dorr Brothers have another scam running here in the Tarheel State called the North Carolina Firearms Coalition.

As with their Indiana operation, they call themselves the “only no compromise gun rights organization.” For a mere $35 you can get a “Liberty Level Membership” but if you want to be a real “patriot” it will cost you $125 per year. If you want to run down to their office in Raleigh and sign up, there is just one little problem. That “office” is a mailbox at an UPS Store. Moreover, according to the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Charities Division, their license to solicit expired in 2022.

So regardless of your state, when you get a solicitation from some one of these groups just trash it. Nothing is being done for your rights and the only ones benefiting are the Dorr Brothers.

2 thoughts on “Liberty Doll On Dorr Brothers’ Scamming”

  1. just a quick note: The same “gun-rights” “organizations” run by the same folks also solicit in Wisconsin, and I think in Minnesota as well.
    As this video explains, these guys run these operations all across the mid-west at least, and likely beyond.
    The need to stay alert these days is real.

  2. I wonder if it might work to sue this organization for fraud, presenting evidence of them working in opposition to what they’re selling. That *is* what they’re doing, after all.

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