Interesting – Tulsi Gabbard To Speak At SIG Event

Many in the gun rights community are wary of former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) due to her past support of gun control. She had supported universal background checks and an assault weapon (sic) ban while in Congress. She has since publicly changed those views. Gabbard even did an interview with Donald Trump Jr. where she made this clear. She has also left the Democrat party as she has moved towards more conservative positions. Indeed, she is rumored to be on President Trump’s short list for VP running mate.

Based upon this, I find it interesting that she will be speaking at the SIG Experience Center this Sunday, May 19th, as part of their SEC Speaker Series.

From the press release put out by SIG on the event:

SIG SAUER to Host Tulsi Gabbard, Author of “For Love of Country,” in New Hampshire at Inaugural SEC Speaker Series EventNEWINGTON, N.H., (May 14, 2024) – SIG SAUER is honored to host Tulsi Gabbard to showcase her New York Times bestseller “For Love of Country, Leave the Democrat Party Behind,” at the SIG Experience Center (SEC) at the inaugural SEC speaker series event in Epping, New Hampshire on Sunday, May 19, 2024.Tulsi Gabbard was a rising star of the Democrat Party but the growing wokeness and liberal policies were more than she could stomach, so she left the party. Join Tulsi at a unique SEC Speaker Series event as she discusses her service, how she answered the call, and the journey she is on. 
Specific event details are as follows:

SEC Speaker Series Event: “Tulsi Gabbard, “For Love of County, Leave the Democrat Party Behind”Time: 1:00pm – 1:45pmThis is a registration-only event and includes a book.  Registration is now open at

Meet Tulsi @ SIG Experience Center1:50pm – 2:45pmHave your book signed, take a photo, meet Tulsi and shop at the SIG Experience Center.Registration not required. The line will open at 1:30pm.

While I have some hesitations about Gabbard, she would certainly make a better Vice President than sitting VP Kamala Harris if only for her military experience. She served both as an enlisted medic in the Hawaii National Guard where she was awarded the Combat Medical Badge and now as a Major in the Army Reserve’s 351st Civil Affairs Command. That plus she doesn’t cackle!

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  1. That was interesting. I went through all the statements and really didn’t find anything to object to. The question is can she be trusted. It is always a mistake to fully trust any politician but people do have the right to change their mind. Donald Trump certainly changed his mind about gun control. That was a major hangup for me when he was first running but I came to believe his change was sincere, in spite of the foolishness about bump stocks.

    I also went through the website for The Tactical Games. It is not my cup of tea but their training curriculum looks serious. Her commitment to actual training and competition puts her ahead of about 95% of all gun owners.

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