On This Memorial Day Weekend

There are a lot of sales going on right now. Whether it is Amazon or Nike, it seems virtually every online site or brick and mortar store is having a sale. They are using the three-day weekend to pump their sales numbers.

Notice I said “virtually”. One company that is not having a sale this weekend is Phlster Holsters owned by my friends Jon and Sarah Hauptman. Phlster is home to the Enigma holster system which is a new approach to appendix carry.

This was Jon’s response when asked if he was having a Memorial Day sale.

Jon is correct and I know if I ever decide to carry appendix-style it will be with one of his Enigma holsters. It will not be just because it is a great holster. It will be because I like to deal with companies that have the proper value system – and Jon and Sarah just demonstrated that.

So regardless of whether you take advantage of any of the sales this weekend, please remember to honor the ultimate sacrifice that these men and women made in service to our country and our own freedom.

Note: As an affiliate of Amazon, I have to say I earn a small commission if you use a link to them from my blog. This note is only to satisfy their requirements and not to urge you to run over to Amazon so I can make a commission.

5 thoughts on “On This Memorial Day Weekend”

  1. Making Memorial Day into a long weekend is an insult to the departed service people. It is May 30. Similarly, it is an insult to George Washington, and MLK to do that to their birthdays. Labor Day should just be abolished. Let them celebrate on May 1, like honest communists.

    1. If we abolish Labor Day, perhaps we should look to the Brits who have their “Bank Holiday”. We could rename Labor Day as End of Summer Bank Holiday or Teachers Need A Break After A Week of Rowdy Students Day.

      1. I guess under my logic that would be an insult to banks or teachers but I am OK with that.

        1. My younger daughter is an elementary school teacher in her 15th year of teaching. I can assure you that no one counts the days left in the school year more assiduously than teachers. It also works in the count for days until a break.

      2. When I was a kid school didn’t start til the day after Labor Day so there was no question of it being a break from school.

        Now, to be fair, it is sort of nice having the kids for three days (we always start Wednesday before LD weekend), then the long weekend, then four days of kids, before finally asking them to stay focused for five full days. It’s not so much us but rather gradually easing the kids back from summer vacay.

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