Snark For A Friday Morning

I’ve been a little slack for the last week or so about blogging. I hope this little tidbit will make up for it. I saw it on X or Twitter this morning. The response was so perfect especially coming on a day when the Supreme Court finally (!) killed the abomination that was the Chevron Doctrine. Combine Looper Bright with Cargill and there are a lot of sad faces at 99 New York Ave, NE, in DC.


4 thoughts on “Snark For A Friday Morning”

  1. I am less happy than most conservatives. The decision basically replaces bureaucratic tyranny with judicial tyranny. And judicial tyranny is a lot more random than the bureaucratic version as the last couple of weeks at the Supreme Court proved. The silver lining may be that the black robes will create so much chaos that government gets paralyzed. The likely outcome, though, is that regulations will, even more than now, be written by the corporate oligarchs and designed to stifle competition.

    As to your snark, I remind you that QI was invented by the courts, not the ATF.

    1. Hear! Hear!

      I’m curious what DJT is going to think when he figures out his SCOTUS Six are sucking up some of the political power he wanted only for himself. 😉

  2. Richard, Keep in mind that it’s a crack in the facade, the camel’s nose under the tent, etc. THis decision isn’t perfect but then again, the problem is an unfettered an almost infinitely powerful bureaucracy. This decision at least allows us to start chipping away at the power of that bureaucracy and hopefully the next time we have a reasonably conservative president and congress, we can start rolling back more of their power. I am not confident but any move forward is better than no moves forward.

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