Grassley Letter To Holder And Supporting Documentation

Senator Chuck Grassley has written to Attorney General Eric Holder again in response to another brush-off letter from Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich telling Sen. Grassley, in so many words, to butt out. Grassley didn’t take kindly to this brush-off.

Looking at Weich’s background before becoming Assistant Attorney General, one would think he would know better than to tell any Senator to butt out. Weich served as Chief Counsel to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just before going to the Justice Department and as Chief Counsel to the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Even though Grassley is a Republican and in the minority party in the Senate, senators will close ranks when they see one of their own not being treated with the respect that they think he or she deserves. They may despise the person but they want the position treated with all due respect. Senator Pat Leahy, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, may not want to have to deal with Project Gunwalker but there will be a limit to how long he will allow Grassley to be dumped on by Eric Holder’s minions.

I have embedded the Grassley letter below. Two things stand out. First, he has the goods on ATF and he knows it. Second, he doesn’t like being lied to and is not going to tolerate it.

2011-03-03 CEG to DOJ-ATF

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  1. I can just see Grassley writing this in rage and then turning into the Hulk.


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