The “Big Money” Behind Silencers?

Chicago’s ABC 7 I-Team is going to let us know tonight about the “big money” who is behind a move to legalize suppressors in the state of Illinois.

Big money? Bwa-hah-hah. The suppressor industry – with perhaps the exceptions of Remington Outdoors and SigSauer – is made up of a number of small businesses. Some are mom and pop operations while others may have 2-300 employees.

Silencers are a safety item. They do not totally cut out the sound; they merely muffle it to a safer decibel level. Anyone who says differently is just restating myth and legend.

I just had my annual hearing checkup on Monday. I shot some in my younger days without hearing protection, attended some auto and boat races with no hearing protection, and, of course, a few rock concerts. I now suffer constant tinnitis (ringing in the ears) and some hearing loss.

About the only “big money” who would benefit from keeping suppressors banned are the hearing aid manufacturers and I doubt even they would want to build business that way.

One thought on “The “Big Money” Behind Silencers?”

  1. Legislators should be banned from watching movies orTV.

    Automatic knives would have never been illegal, silencers wouldn't be a "hit-man's tool" and Reefer Madness would have been billed as a comedy.

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