New Product From A Vortex-Hornady Collaboration

Vortex Optics and Hornady have collaborated on a new cartridge that is being released just for today. It has many features but the most important one in my estimation is that it saves you the trip down the range to examine your target. You don’t have to wait for the range to be called “cold” before checking where your bullet has struck the target. Moreover, you don’t have to invest in expensive spotting scopes either.

Microtechnology just never ceases to amaze me.

Is there anything technology can’t do on April First

One thought on “New Product From A Vortex-Hornady Collaboration”

  1. Amusingly, the tech exists to make a bullet cam. Course, the resolution would be crap and it would pretty much just be a smeared, spinning blur, but you could do it.

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