What They Really Mean

Since the Parkland High School shootings, you have heard all manner of politicians from the president on down saying that we need to raise the age to buy a semi-automatic rifle to age 21. They along with the media have painted a picture that wants you to believe one thing when the reality is totally different.

I was 18 when I purchased my first firearm. It was a Ruger 10/22 similar to the one shown in the meme. I paid $55 for it at a long ago closed discount store called Best Products. I used my savings from mowing lawns and my job as a school bus driver.

4 thoughts on “What They Really Mean”

  1. I bought a Ruger .44 carbine at some point. I wasn't 21 yet and my mother had to buy the ammo since it was 'pistol' cartridge. What a pain. I wish I held onto it.

    1. I remember seeing one for $150 in a hardware store. I should have bought it back then. My best friend in HS had a Winchester lever action in .32-20 given him by his grandfather. He had to have his mom or dad buy the ammo for the same reason.

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