New NRA Special Meeting Scheduled

A Special Meeting of the NRA Board of Directors has been scheduled for Dallas, TX for March 28th. As the Complementary Spouse pointed out to me, it is exactly 14 days after the previously scheduled meeting and is the length of time that the CDC formerly recommended for quarantine after COVID exposure. While I doubt that was the actual reason for the original cancellation, they are sticking with appearances.

March 18, 2021


TO: Board of Directors and Executive Council

The NRA President has requested a special meeting of the Board of Directors to take place on Sunday, March 28, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. in Dallas, Texas. The  purpose of the meeting is to provide a legal briefing to the Board regarding the NRA’s plan of reorganization and other pending matters.

The NRA Board of Directors and Executive Council will meet at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, 400 North Olive Street, Dallas, Texas 75201, (214) 922-8000. The date, time and location of all meetings are on the attached schedule of meetings and meals.

Please notice the change in wording from the first Special Meeting notice:

The sole purpose of the meeting is to provide a briefing to the Board regarding the NRA’s reorganization plan and the legal matters overseen by the Special Litigation Committee, and to take any necessary action directly related to those matters.

Any mention of the Special Litigation Committee is deleted. Moreover, it does not have a mention of “any necessary action.”

Speculation is that an 1129 Reorganization Plan will be presented to the Board. These reorganization plans be presented by the debtor (NRA), the unsecured creditors committee, or a trustee if one is appointed. However, the bankruptcy judge, as I understand it, cannot present a reorganization plan and must only rule on the merits of those presented.

By presenting an 1129 reorganization plan, it is speculated that Brewer, Attorneys and Counselors, will have their fingers all over it and will use it to keep themselves attached to the NRA like barnacles on a rock. A friend pointed out to me today that in the course of proceedings that the bankruptcy judge could not only disallow Brewer to serve as a special counsel but cut off all payments to him given his role in draining the NRA’s finances through legal billings. We can only hope!

5 thoughts on “New NRA Special Meeting Scheduled”

  1. I not really hopeful but I do have to point out that WLP retiring would not be a board action. If his loyalists quietly tell him that they can no longer support him, that could push him over the edge. (Think Nixon and what is widely speculated about re Biden.) At some point, these people are going to notice the damage being done to the 2A by the dysfunction of the NRA. Hopefully that will come before complete collapse and practical loss of the 2A. I think the board members are 2A supporters who have drunk the Kool-aid about WLP being the indispensable man. We know what de Gaulle said about that concept.

    Appointing an (acting) successor would be a board action that might be outside the scope of the notice but that would be a 10 day delay. In any kind of reasonable organization, there would be a succession plan though I am not assuming that for the NRA. Implementing a pre-approved succession plan would not be a new board action either. Then they could provide notice for another meeting to activate a process to select a new permanent director. I do have concern about this board doing a good job of that. Needs to be someone outside the NRA but prominent in 2A circles.

    It looks to me like the bold part of the notice was in the original too.

    1. If WLP steps down, the acting EVP will be the Director of General Operations.

  2. An institution that has been trading away the 2nd, one small infringement at a time, to appease those with money foolish enough to buy into their scam for decades. They have always been a bunch of hand wringing cowards when it comes time to put their own fortunes and lives on the line to defend it. When King George tried to take them in the 16th century, men stood up and said no, were willing to kill people who tried to take those rights away. Not talk about it, Not debate it, they banded together to stop it with force and further guaranteed that all men could continue to do the same.
    Their (the NRA) history has been a long series of compromises and bowing down to the traitors that instituted ALL of the things such as the BATF, background checks,etc etc. They wouldn’t know their constitutional responsibility if it bit em in the ass. No one cares and good riddance if and when they are gone. And before you jump on that opinion, understand I am a “legal” gun owner who follows the hoops to keep my rights, as I am one man who is outmanned and outgunned on every front there is nothing solo I can do to stop the traitors.
    One thing I know for sure though, is if/when the real men in this country stand up, I will NOT be counting on those with NRA in their background to have my six.
    In other words real men could care less about anything NRA, so please quit pissing on our backs and telling us it’s raining. NO ONE CARES nor should they about the nra anymore.

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