Today I Learned…

Today I learned, by reading academic literature, that by engaging in trophy hunting or merely desiring to do so, I am:

  • Engaging in male supremacy by seeking a trophy of my “conquest”
  • Taking part in an ongoing rehearsal of Western imperialist history
  • Seeking to subjugate and conquer “subhuman” (their words) indigenous peoples
  • Partaking in perpetuating the racist and sexual norms of oppression and social exclusion
  • A human supremacist
  • Not a conservationist
  • Alarming and social reprehensible
  • Violating the dignity of nonhuman animals
  • Entrenching my Western narrative of supremacy which is underpinned by my chauvinistic, colonialist and crudely utilitarian anthropocentric attitude.

​Who would have thought I was “guilty” of all of that just for wanting to go on a once-in-a-lifetime hunting trip to Africa.

Evidently, that is the opinion of Dr. Chelsea Batavia, a postdoc fellow in the Dept of Forest Ecosystems and Society, at Oregon State University

The paper, The Elephant (Head) in the Room, can be found here.

This same lead author also thinks tsetse fly eradication is not ethically justified. This is despite almost 70 million Africans who are at risk for sleeping sickness. The disease, by the way, is fatal without treatment.

Batavia was also one of the star’s of the anti-hunting Humane Society of the US’s YouTube diatribe on trophy hunting.

At, I subscribe to be notified of articles about wildlife conservation, Africa, and trophy hunting. Most articles are much different but I do find it instructive to know what is going on in academia as they are teaching (supposedly) the next generation of wildlife biologists.

6 thoughts on “Today I Learned…”

  1. In other words, tsetse flies are preferable to humans. Game animals are preferable to humans. And the local indigenous people are subhuman.

    Such self-loathing is repulsive but not out of the norm. In greenie circles, if you want to kill off only 90% of the human population of the world, you’re just not dedicated enough to the cause.

  2. There is much evil in the world. A lot of it wrapped up in ‘academia’.

  3. She also lists that she worked as a “culinary instructor” at Williams-Sonoma. Which job requires you to be clean and have a pulse (I worked at a technical instructor at Fry’s once when I didn’t have any money and really needed some. It involved telling people about the new Microsoft Office software.)

    She has spent the last eight years of her life at OSU and before that 16 years in elementary and high school, and college getting her bachelors. Which means that she has spent 24 of her 35 years, and 12 of her 17 adult years (when not demonstrating cookware at WS) at college. Also it took her 6 years to get a Masters and a PhD in the extremely rigorous field of Forestry Ecosystems and Society. I wonder what she did between her nothing jobs that started in 2007 and ended in 2013 (which she apparently doesn’t feel are worth putting on her CV), before going back to school for more nothing education.

    I suggest your readers ignore everything she has to say. Which is also the point of your article.

  4. Soooo, all that money that the hunters pay to ‘hunt’, that goes to the preserves, the locals, and HELPS the environment by culling herds to manageable levels for the food supplies is all bad??? Good to know…

  5. We do truly live in a highly civilized culture these days.
    Demonstrated by the fact that an overeducated moron like this can actually make some sort of subsistence level living while conducting ‘continuing education’ on near meaningless subjects as opposed to being relegated to be the goose or pig herder as befits the village idiot.

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