Tweet Of The Day

It seems that Everytown Law and the Brady United are trying to get the Federal Trade Commission to come down on Smith & Wesson for false advertising. You can read their letter here.

However, as Rob Romano of the Firearms Policy Coalition points out, their argument might backfire on them elsewhere. That said, neither Everytown nor Brady have any problem with hypocrisy.

2 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day”

  1. Desperation… Kinda funny in a sad way, considering the pictures out of Afghanistan of the Taliban now using ACTUAL assault rifles courtesy of the US Government’s cluster**** of a turnover…

  2. Wish I could get a free M-4, PRC radio, body armor, helmet, and night vision courtesy of the US Gov. Maybe they could occupy my town for a few days, just long enough to pile their equipment in my garage and then leave.

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