Junior Special Agent? Yikes!

Thanks to a Facebook post by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, I found that they actually have an online giftshop.

ATF said:

Many people reach out looking for collector items such as coins and patches. Here is the perfect place to stock up on all your official ATF memorabilia.

Official ATF memorabilia? I could be snarky and ask if that includes photos suitable for framing of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco but I won’t.

What did catch my eye was this T-Shirt for kids.

Forcing a kid to wear that T-shirt is pretty darn close to child abuse. Who in the world would want their child to wear that thing other than David Chipman?

Some of the other stuff includes ATF caps and polo shirts with logos. Maybe I’m giving criminals too much credit but I would think that would be ideal cover to get someone to open their door prior to a home invasion. All they would need to do is pair that with a navy windbreaker and a fake badge to complete their impersonation.

All in all it seems a stupid idea to have such a giftshop even if some of the proceeds go to the blind.

8 thoughts on “Junior Special Agent? Yikes!”

    1. I am guessing that they received so many negative comments that they are making it tough to access. It was wide open when I posted this.

  1. Growing up, people in my area (Eastern Tennessee) didn’t care much for the ATF. Back then, they were focused on the A (for Alcohol), and were derisively called Revenuers. A movie (Thunder Road), and a song (Rocky Top) celebrated the cat and mouse between the moonshiners and agents.

  2. If these kids can sign my tax stamps than sign them all up asap. A third grader should be able to process these. The form 4 wait time is ridiculous. I got a form 1 back in 3 weeks, eFile. And that includes a few days for WV to get the prints. When will we get the form 4 eFile back? its been, what, 5 years since they said they would bring it back?

    1. Apparently, we are getting eFile back for Form 4s mid Dec. I just got the email from Silencer Shop.


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