A Tour Of The Morakniv Factory

I came across this video that commemorates the 130th anniversary of Morakniv. If you don’t know about the knives from Morakniv, you should. I have over a dozen in carbon, stainless, and their tri-laminated steel. My knives range from their birch handled carving knives to the Mora 2000 survival knife. They range in size from the little Eldris neck knife to the foot long professional knife with an eight inch blade. I probably bought my first Mora almost 30 years ago and I still have it.

The video below shows the making of the knife from stamping the steel through boxing up to be sent to retailers. The factory is in Mora, Sweden which is a small town about 300km northwest of Stockholm.

In my experience, these knives are some of the easiest to sharpen with their Scandy grind, are one of the best values, are made with high-quality Swedish steel, and are tough, long-lasting knives. I don’t know anywhere where you can get knives of this quality for these prices. The basic Mora 511 carbon steel knife is $12 or so and the Mora Companion which comes in 11 colors is only $18 at Amazon (commission earned). These knives are an illustration of the concept that inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean cheap.

If you want to learn more about the history of these knives and see some old catalogs, go to the Old Mora blog.

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    1. It has been 45 years since I’ve been to Sweden. Perhaps it is times for me to visit it again and see more than just Stockholm.

  1. For anyone interested in manufacturing and knives, it sounds like a good read. It might offer a behind-the-scenes peek at Morakniv, one of the most renowned knife manufacturers in the world, and its history.

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