Shouldn’t The Killers Be The Ones Held Accountable?

I received the expected blood-dancing email from Everytown, the Demanding Moms, and their Young Pioneers (aka Students Demand Action) this afternoon. They are calling for accountability. And donations. Mostly donations.

We must hold the people who continue to enable gun violence accountable: The lawmakers who choose to exacerbate this crisis with only thoughts, prayers, and deadly legislation to further weaken our gun laws. The gun industry executives and gun traffickers who have flooded our communities with guns. The extremists who have pushed forward a violent agenda that we—and our children—are paying for with our lives.

I agree with accountability.

Accountability for those who demand gun free zones that make our children and grandchildren targets for killers. The killer chose the Covenant School as the backup after passing on a better defended location.

Accountability for those who decided a private school shouldn’t be assigned an armed school resource officer yet who would object to trained armed school staff.

Accountability for those politicians who veto bills that would allow churches with private schools to protect their congregations.

Accountability for prosecutors who give violent people a slap on the wrist or even a pass as opposed to prosecuting them. Perhaps three students at Michigan State would have been alive if a prosecutor had done his or her job.

Accountability for those in the media whose spin on anything involving guns and crime would make Josef Goebbels proud with its half-truths and lies.

It is the gun control industry and their allies in both media and politics who raise money off of tragedy who are the real villains in this story. While they have their own personal armed security, they will continue to fight to keep us, our children, and families defenseless. That is what is unforgiveable.

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    1. I heard somewhere – maybe Jim Shepherd – that Cooper was so bad as mayor and so disliked that he was not going to run for re-election.

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