An Apology Demanded Of Charles Cotton

This seems to be the night for letters!

Buz Mills, Bill Bachenburg, and Mark Vaughan are demanding that NRA President Charles Cotton issue a public apology to NRA Director Amanda Suffecool. This is for the unprofessional and unbecoming way he treated her at the NRA Meeting of Members on Saturday. At about the 31:25 minute mark of the second video in this post, Cotton challenges the statement from Amanda by saying, “you’ve been on the board, what a year”, as if that made her any less knowledgeable or competent. Amanda was, after all, an engineer for almost 40 years and knows of what she speaks.

Fortunately, the NRA members at the meeting were not having any of Cotton’s crap and booed him quite loudly. Now, the three directors mentioned above have sent out an open letter to all Board members demanding the aforementioned public apology. I could say more about what I think of Cotton as a person and as a supposed leader but I’ll save that for another day.

The full letter is below:


3 thoughts on “An Apology Demanded Of Charles Cotton”

  1. These are the stones the Board has always needed to be demonstrating – they need to hold the leadership accountable, it’s their gd job. That the executives can publicly shit-talk the board is evidence of how long and comfortably that relationship has been turned on its head.

  2. I heard stories of how NRA would communicate anonymously or with factions like this. It would be letters shoved under the door of every director hotel room each night. I have to admit, it’s kind of funny. You’re all there together, but you can’t freakin’ talk to each other.

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