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I like camouflage. I like reading about how different styles are developed as well as the history and science of it. I like to see how both military and hunting camo styles are developed.

Thus, when I stumbled across maps showing camouflage adoption and use, I was intrigued.

Here is a map of Europe with the different military camouflage patterns by country.

You can see France with its CCE Woodland camo, Germany with its Multitarn which replaced Flecktarn, and the UK with MTP camo which is a DPM variant of Multicam. I have jackets that I use for hunting in CCE, MTP, and the original British DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material). They all are good at different times in the season and were bought as military surplus. They are rugged and relatively inexpensive.

In researching this post, I have come across both a map of Africa and a map of the world by the camouflage patterns adopted by each countries military.

From Dreamstime

From Reddit

The next two maps are the ones I first stumbled across. They are two maps of the United States with one each for spring/summer and fall/winter. They divide the country up into the appropriate camouflage pattern for the region.

By an interesting coincidence (or not), the camouflage for coastal North and South Carolina in the spring and summer is MARPAT. Also located in this region are MCB Camp Lejeune, MCAS Cherry Point, MCAS New River, MCAS Beaufort, and MCRD Parris Island.

Once fall hits and the leaves start falling, the best camouflage from my section of North Carolina would be Partizan SS with ATACS FG for the Piedmont. I can actually see that as the forests are heavily deciduous with pockets of green from hemlocks and rhododendrons.

I guess if I were artistic or really industrious, I would create a US map with the best commercial hunting camouflage patterns. That said, I’m not that artistic. I will say my preferences in hunting camouflage run to the disruptive rather than hyper-representational. That is why I like camouflages like TrueTimber’s Strata, NaturalGear, and ASAT as opposed to some of the Realtree and Mossy Oak patterns.

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  1. Web site shows the camo patterns for different countries. There are sections on commercial patterns and families of patterns.

  2. I’ve never been a fan of the “sticks and leaves” camo patterns, preferring things like NaturalGear. I have some TrueTimber Strata as well, and like both. Unfortunately, both patterns have somewhat limited distribution.

    Neat graphics. Thanks for sharing them!

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