Useful Information (Of A Sort)

Most of us will never get the change to shoot a sawed-off shotgun or SBR like an Uzi. However, if we do get the chance, this short video from Hickok45 might just save our finger tips.

7 thoughts on “Useful Information (Of A Sort)”

  1. I had the opportunity way back 81/82. A friend of my uncle had a sawed off shotgun. It was about as legal as robbing a bank. Was fun though.

  2. Shooting firearms covered by the NFA isn't really that big of a deal; Neither is owning them.

    So far, the majority of NFA firearms I've used are machineguns, followed suppressors, then everything else. I think the only type of NFA I've never shot is a Destructive Device (I've seen and/or handled several, I've just never had the chance to use one).

    I see NFA items at the range fairly regularly, especially firearm mufflers and short-barreled rifles; It seems to me that anyone not seeing a similar number is either not looking hard enough, or just isn't going to the right ranges…


  3. Sawed off shotgun or sawn-off shotgun? I think both are the same. I want to know if there is any difference between Sawed off shotgun and regular shotgun? Please let me know if any one is better than another one.


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