When You See These Pictures, You Think This

I think by now we all have seen pictures like the one below of piles and piles of M4 carbines captured by the Taliban.

Found on Reddit

And we probably have all had either a feeling of disgust or maybe even a thought like in the meme below.

Stolen from GunFreeZone.net

3 thoughts on “When You See These Pictures, You Think This”

  1. Look on the bright side. When given the chance, the Taliban dropped their commie pot metal AKs and bakelite mags in favor of American patterned rifles faster than you can mag dump into the ceiling of an Afghan girls school to clear it out. Settling the AK vs AR debate forever. Mic drop. Now they can do some much longer range intimidation of Afghan women. Russia will have no problem diverting that cheap Tula steel cased zinc-plated horseshit with minute of goat accuracy that they pawn off as “ammo” here in the US. That stuff is dirtier than Cuomo’s secretary’s OnlyFans page, and smells just as skanky when the polymer coating cooks off. To which I say, good riddance. I am not bitter at all about Vista Outdoor’s ammo price increase because people should only be putting virgin brass through their rifles in the first place.

    1. I still think the gun control Taliban in the US would object to a magazine that held 72 virgin pieces of brass.

      1. lol.

        72 pieces of hot virgin brass for less than the cost of my Xanax copay because I cannot stand to look at the embarrassment going in Afghanistan or in DC would indeed be heavenly.

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